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Dada Design & Constructions has the experience and resources to handle any project regardless of scale, condition, and difficulty. Contact us for a free inspection.



Experienced, focused, and determined, Dada Design & Constructions is renowned for its excellence in the efficient management of operations, execution of knowledge and skills, and use of the latest technology to build modern homes.


Our company was founded on the values of honesty and integrity. And we believe in providing only the best quality of work to our customers. All of our projects follow strict standards and adhere to all required approvals and registrations.

About Dada Design Dada Construction

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Our company provides a full range of services for the construction.

We are one of the top design & construction firms in Lucknow, where we have a combination of unique ideas, passion, and commitment to complete our projects on time. Our team is a confluence of skills, experience, innovativeness, and discipline. As the best design & construction company in Lucknow, we believe in building Quality Relationships and Trust.We take great pride in Formulating Customized Products to suit the specific personal needs of all our clients.

Our Services

2D & 3D Floor Plan

Dada Design and Constructions provides the best 2D & 3D Floor Plans in Lucknow and use every corner of your land to achieve the best floor plan.

Vastu Consultancy

We provide the best Vastu Consultancy in Lucknow and believe that the design and layout of a building can impact the lives of those who live within it.

Architectural Designer

We will be involved in every stage of a building project, from conceptualization to construction. We ensure that designs are feasible, safe, and economically viable.

Residential & Commercial Projects

Dada Design and Construction are well known for handling residential and Commercial Projects in Lucknow. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

Construction with Material

We understand the value of your time and money that's the reason we provide the best price for construction with Materials in Lucknow.

Home Renovation & Makeover

Dada Design and Construction provides the best Renovation & Makeover for your Home, Kitchen, Office, Living Room, Drawing Room, etc. at a very affordable cost.

All Type Interior Work

Your space should be full of positivity to start a fresh day and here comes the requirement of Interior work, Get the best work done with Dada Design & Constructions.

Furniture Layout

Furniture Plays an important role in looks and space utilization, say no to old-designed pieces of furniture let us use design the new and trending furniture layout.

Plot and Row House Available

We deal in verified Plots and Row Houses in Lucknow and other locations feel free to get in touch with us for a free visit and details about Plots and Row Houses in Lucknow.

Hardware Materials

Dada Design & Constructions deals in Genuine and Branded Hardware Materials i.e. Tiles, Pipes, Bathroom Fittings, Building Materials, Paint, Equipment, etc.

Our work Process

Dada Design & Construction Company is not just an construction & design firm but also deals in providing interior design, house plans, civil engineering, and many more construction services in Lucknow.

What makes us the best design & construction company?

Business Transparency

Some of our core principles are our humbleness and honesty. Please view our Privacy Policy for more details about how we protect your identity.

Qualified & Experienced

Our professionalism and superior job-planning skills reinforce our ability to complete your projects on time with our qualified and experienced team

Project Customization

We will modify and customize your project according to your specific needs and requirement without preceding our quality and service.

End to End Processing

All your designing. construction, interior & renovation are done under one roof to ensure high efficiency & set a high standard for any construction requirements.

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